Cactus Cove Review

“Just a fantastic place to be”

After having stayed at Cactus Cove for a couple of days in 2007, we went back there for a week in April 2011. As the first time, we loved everything about Cactus Cove this time as well.

With its location on the east side of Tuscon, Cactus Cove is a great base to explore the area, however, there is a serenity and calmness at Cactus Cove that is perfect to relax and hang out. The patio and pool area is a great outdoor place and we ended up spending more time there (enjoying the desert view and climate) than on daytrips to the local attractions.

All the rooms are nice but we liked the Saguaro Cactus Suite for its size and privacy and the Barrel Cactus Suite for its decor. The whole property is very well kept up, up to date (TVs, internet , etc.) and always cleaned spotless. We also liked the neighborhood which is only loosely built over and offers a real desert feel without being isolated or far away from restaurants and shops.

Another reason to visit Cactus Cove is the innkeeper, Sally. She is such an interesting and wonderful person and a great host. Her exquisite breakfasts on the patio always made for a good start to the day. We felt right at home there and enjoyed Sally's company so much that departing felt like leaving a relative or friend.

No doubt, we will be back at Cactus Cove.

 ~ GourmentTraveller,  Greensboro, North Carolina

The Host of One of the Finest Tuscon Arizona Resorts

Would love to have you stay at Cactus Cove. I am a traveler myself, having been to many places in the United States as well as Canada, Mexico, Europe, Russia, China, Bali, Israel, Egypt, Greece, India, South Africa, Botswana, New Zealand, Went to South America in 2008,  Loved it so much went back in 2010 to Mendoza, Argentina and the Andes.  Been to Galapagos Islands.  Blue footed boobie birds were precious.  One summer I saw the Mountain Gorillas in the wild in Rwanda.  Rwanda is so safe and of course the gorillas were awesome. 

Cactus Cove InnkeeperWould love to show you some pictures.
I invite you to visit the southwest and experience the Sonoran desert. We have some unbelievable sights here for you to enjoy.

Moved here in 1996 from Denver, Colorado and have never looked back. I chose Tucson, Arizona out of the whole world. I love it here!!

I had a women's clothing store for 20 years in a Denver suburb, Arvada. I still travel regularly to Paris and buy clothes especially for clients in Denver. I have been to Paris 55 times!

Active at my church and Music Boards here.  In 2008 help start an After School Music School for children in schools nearby the church  These are kids who would never have access to this kind of training.  All free for them for 4 days a week.  It is sponsored by my church,  Started with 4 children now have 20.  This is one of my loves in Tucson.  It has been proven early music training trains the brain for better school work.  

I gutted out a 1963 adobe home and put it back together plus  new addition. The whole process took one-and-a-half years. Cactus Cove is something I have created practically from scratch. I have before and after pictures and lots of stories to tell about my adventure.
Would love to meet you and introduce you to this oasis.

Cactus Cove is hosted by Sally Gunderman